Accounting and tax services.
Complete accounting service provided to small businesses based in Madrid, producing necessary accounting records in Spanish to Spanish standards.

Reporting service in English and/or Spanish on a made to measure basis, including the production of management accounts in English or Spanish, based on the accounting data and review of this information.

Accounting advice and consultancy, with the aim of improving the quality of the  financial information of the business.


Review of the internal control systems of the business, and advice and  recommendations on the key controls, based on the review.


Review of tax information, and reconciliations of the tax declarations with accounting information of the business. Preparation of reports and comments on tax matters, based on this review work.

Assistance in preparation of accounts figures, and relating to specific aspects of "closing off" accounts (annually, quarterly or monthly) including reconciliations, depreciation, and accruals and prepayments.

Preparation of Spanish V.A.T. ("I.V.A.") declarations and other associated tax declarations based on the accounting records.

Review of the efficiency of the computer systems, in relation to the quality of accounts-related and tax-related information.

Assistance in accounting tasks related to planning and control, including the preparation of business plans, periodic budgets, comparison of actual results with budgets, and preparation and review of cash flow forecasts, tailored to the needs of the business

Preparation of drafts of the Annual Financial Statements of the company in Spanish ("Cuentas Anuales") and/or of the Annual Corporation Tax declaration ("Impuesto sobre Sociedades") at the request of company senior management.

The objective of Eurocontrol Asesores Contables y Tributarios S.L. in providing its accounting and tax services is to ensure that its clients receive all the necessary and correct accounting information, complying with Spanish accounting and tax legislation on time, without difficulty.

The company provides a professional service to each client on a made to measure basis, based on a comprehensive knowledge of accounting and tax legislation, and of the client's business. Reporting to management and owners is in English or in Spanish or in both languages as required.

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