Andrew Hall founded Eurocontrol Asesores and its sister company Eurocontrol Auditores S.L. in December 1998, some 18 years after qualifying in the UK as a chartered accountant. He had then already had 8 years of professional experience in Spain. He is qualified as a Spanish auditor (a member of the Spanish R.O.A.C.) and an English auditor (F.C.A.).

Eurocontrol Asesores employs qualified staff who are committed to the highest quality of professional service. Such services are provided for a reasonable price to companies generally based in the Madrid area. Clients tend to have some international connection, normally with the English-speaking world. Some of the characteristics of Eurocontrol Asesores are:

1.Use of top quality computer hardware and software for professional work, including Logic Win for accounting work

2.Knowledge of, and efficient use of modern technology, including Office, emails, Internet, etc. where applicable to client work.

3.Up to date knowledge of accounting and tax rules.

Eurocontrol Asesores uses the Quantor and Lefebvre tax databases as well as other sources of technical information. The writing of the book "Taxation in Spain 1999" and its 2000 Update are products of this up to date technical expertise.


As a member of the Spanish Registro de Economistas y Auditores, and an English "chartered accountant", Andrew Hall has a professional commitment to safeguard the confidentiality of information relating to his clients, as well as the duty to comply with the technical rules which apply to all his professional work. Andrew Hall was born in London in 1954, and lives and works in Madrid since 1990. During his career he has obtained ample experience in auditing, and accounting, and in accounts and tax advice work in England and Spain including:

In England
·1976-1980; Price Waterhouse, Birmingham, England; auditor and "chartered accountant".
·1980-1982; Analyst for the private bank G.R. Dawes & Co. Ltd., in Birmingham.
·1982-1987; Chief accountant and head of Administration for Tritec Music Ltd, (Duran Duran and other " pop music" groups)
·1987-1988; Chief accountant for the Jupiter group, which manages investment funds valued at over one 1 billion pounds sterling.
·1988-1990; Audit manager in BDO Binder Hamlyn, London

In Spain
·1990-1992; Manager of audit and accounts work for Pannell Kerr Forster, Madrid.
·1992-1997 Manager of audit and accounts work for BDO Binder S.A., Madrid.
·1997-1998; Manager of audit and accounts work for BDO Audiberia, Madrid.
·1998-1999; Owner and Sole Director of Eurocontrol Asesores Contables y Tributarios S.L. and of Eurocontrol Auditores S.L. based in Las Rozas de Madrid. Continues his work in accounting, accounts and tax review, consulting and reporting.
·1999; Andrew writes "Taxation in Spain 1999" for Pannell Kerr Forster, a leading book about Spanish taxes in English.
·2000; Eurocontrol Asesores obtains further clients and takes on more personnel. Andrew writes the 2000/2001 Update to TIS 1999.
·2002 Eurocontrol Asesores becomes a member of IEC, an international association of accountants, auditors and tax advisers. All the members of IEC have professional qualifications according to the laws of their respective countries.
·2002-today Eurocontrol Asesores continues its work with its clients in the national and international environment.

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